Privacy Policy

Titech App Project us will stipulate provisions below concerning managing “Gyaku-Hyotei”, a web service we provide and collecting data for this service. Answerers you are supposed to answer the questionnaire with your consent to this policy.

And you shall refer the latest one when using Gyaku-Hyotei because the contents of this policy can be revised in accordance with Art 3.

1. The purpose of Gyaku-Hyotei

Our service Gyaku-Hyotei aims to provide reviews and comments by answerers on various lectures and make it possible for users to utilize them when deciding which lectures to take and making your timetables.

2. The handling of information

2-1. The purpose of collecting and using your answers

We collect and use your answers when providing Gyaku-Hyotei to users in order to

  1. compile information of answers in Gyaku-Hyotei
  2. summarize data for improving our service out of Gyaku-Hyotei

2-2. Contents of data we collect

We collect the information below to make up Gyaku-Hyotei. And we do not collect your student numbers, names, ID numbers of your device.

  1. Reviews and each lecture such as rating on the amount of assignments
  2. Comments on each lecture

2-3. The possibility of personal identification

If you took classes which had few students and submit reviews on it, it may be possible for people watching Gyaku-Hyotei to know who wrote each review or comment. We collect and use data as carefully to prevent identification as possible but you should understand it and answer.

2-4. The edition of data (1)

We have a policy to put answerers’ actual comment without modified on the Gyaku-Hyotei website in order to share useful information. However, in order to make all answerers and viewers able to use Gyaku-Hyotei with comfort, we can edit or delete comments or data which apply to the conditions below without an announce. Which data to be edited is all judged by us.

  1. Contrary to the public order or morality
  2. Have no relation to purposes of Gyaku-Hyotei or lectures we handle with
  3. Have commercial purposes, propose personal deals advertise something
  4. inappropriate with the term of managing Gyaku-Hyotei

2-5. The edition of data (2)

We do not edit data based on viewers’ request in principle. However, we may accept such a request if it applies to Art 2-4.

3. Changes of the provisions

We can change the provisions and provisions changed will be valid from the date we decide.

4. Contact us

If you have any question, please contact us from the inquiry form in our application.